Digital, Data & Technology Services (DDTS) is the trusted team for digital across the entire Defra Group.

We have around 1,200 colleagues, including project managers, digital developers and research specialists. Our offices are located throughout England, with larger digital hubs in Bristol, York, Warrington and Reading.

Our ambition is to make it easier and faster than ever for people to interact with Defra. To achieve this, we are continuously designing, building and supporting innovative user-centered digital technology.

Fundamentally, we are transforming and improving the way information and services are accessed by our staff, as well as members of the public and businesses. This is how we are playing a critical role in helping the UK’s rural communities, and our world-class food and farming industries, to thrive.

On a daily basis, our colleagues contribute to a wide spectrum of exciting projects, each with an environmental theme. Whatever the project, we really do see the impact of our work in the wider world.

For the public, we are here to make life easier. Whether somebody wants to apply for a fishing rod licence online, or access the latest updates on flooding and coastal risk.

For the agricultural community, we help farmers receive accurate and timely payments for their services. We also ensure that farm inspections are well planned, and happen as quickly as possible. The bigger picture is that we are working to make land management across the UK as effective and forward-looking as possible.

We are also here to help importers and exporters of animal and plant goods trade internationally as quickly and easily as possible.

And, we are busy finding new, smarter ways of tracking waste. Ultimately, this will reduce illegal and inappropriate land-fill, and reduce the levels of waste harming marine life in our seas.

We are proud to be known as pioneers across government. We never stop looking for ways to improve, from new product development, to the use of robotics. Our line of work is fascinating. And we want you to be part of it.

If you share our vision, and you are ready to drive innovation and push boundaries, we want to hear from you. Join us, and together we will create a great place for living, and a green and healthy future for all.

If you have any queries about the DDTS permanent roles at Defra displayed below, please contact the DDTS Recruitment Hub at [email protected]

Our Business Areas


Our architecture team assess the issues and challenges facing Defra, before developing the strategic roadmaps, standards and patterns that ensure the effectiveness of our technical designs.


Our data team find innovative and effective ways of collecting, understanding and using customer information – their data. They’re also responsible for ensuring that all our data is securely managed.


Our agile digital delivery teams take a user-centred design approach to continuously build, test and support innovative digital technology. We have delivery hubs based in Bristol, York, Warrington and Reading.

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Our security team protect Defra from physical, personnel and cyber threats. They advise all areas of the business on how to reduce security risks, while also providing 24/7 assurance and security controls.

Business Relationship Management

Our business relationship managers are the strategic link between Digital, Data and Technology Services (DDTS) delivery teams and business areas across Defra. The team work with colleagues to develop their business plans and identify their need for digital technology and services.

Group Infrastructure and Operations

Our group infrastructure and operations team oversee the end-to-end delivery of all our digital services. They also ensure all our technology sticks to strict government policies and processes.

Chief Operating Office

The team provide the overarching strategic direction, capability development and workforce planning for the whole DDTS team. Working across DDTS the team lead process improvements and ensure we have effective governance procedures in place. The team are also responsible for raising awareness of new technology and supporting its adoption.

DDTS Major Projects

Operational from 1st April 2021, this function leads projects that involve significant digital/IT delivery, may be high risk, complex and/or have fixed timeframes for delivery. These will typically be strategically important, technically complex and involve multiple IT/digital platforms/suppliers. The two projects currently in the function are the digital delivery for Europe and Trade Delivery Portfolio and the digital delivery for the Future Farming and Countryside Programme.