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Success Profiles

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We want to see your true self. So we have introduced a new approach to recruitment: Success Profiles. This will give you the chance to show us your unique blend of technical skills, natural strengths, experiences, preferred work behaviours and potential. Get the full picture here.

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There are more specialist posts in Defra than you might think. Your qualifications, licenses and memberships help to pinpoint your options.

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We want to see your natural strengths. Things you do well, things you do a lot and things you enjoy doing.

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What you have done in the past, what you are doing now and what all that has taught you is important. Also, it is not just your experience at work that we are interested in.

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How you act at work is really important to us. We want to see if this is something that fits with what we’re looking for.

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Our ability tests help us to understand you and not your background.